List of Things to Ignore…

It seems like there’s a TON of stuff going on lately.

1. Loren’s First Birthday – is Friday

2. Loren’s First Birthday Party – is Saturday

3. The IRS (apparently claiming the adoption credit causes a stage four meltdown at the Internal Revenue Service.)

4. Vital Records (yeah…read the previous posts if you’re still in the dark on this…

5. Finding a new place to live.

Finding a new place to live is always tough. In the perfect world we could buy a house…we don’t live in Perfect, CA…we live in Irvine.  So, while our ear is always to the ground for potential places to buy…for now it looks like we will rent. When we were looking to buy (before we got married) we had a specific neighborhood in mind…to us…it was perfect. So, Melissa (because she’s a glutton for punishment) drove through it yesterday to see what was available for rent! There are several…most of them are just a touch above what we really want to pay in rent every month…So the search continues…

For now, we are focused on the Birthday Extravaganza! Ok, it’s far from an extravaganza…but it’s hard to believe my mushy little baby is almost walking and about to turn one!


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