What Teeth?

Every single time Loren gets fussy people say to us “maybe she’s finally getting teeth”  Well, here we are one week from her first birthday and there are still not teeth.

However, at 2:30 this morning I woke up because I could hear Loren crying and found Melissa glaring at the monitor (which had been turned to silent)…when I inquired as to what was happening I was told that Loren was only sleeping in 20 minute increments…and after I inquired further about food/gas I actually said “Maybe she’s finally getting teeth?”

So, I rocked her and as sooooon as I layed her down she flopped onto her stomach and started pulling on her ear. The screaming did stop for a few minutes when she was distracted by the glow worm my sister sent her a few months ago…

So, Tylenol was administered and once it kicked it she slept…until after I left for work this morning (It’s weird that I havent seen her today… ).

So again, MAYBE she’s finally getting teeth.

I think she’s just trying to test me with this taking a step (did I tell you guys she took a step?…only one and only once) and trying to push teeth trough because I told her she couldn’t have any more major events because I was tired of scrapbooking…


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