One Mom…One Child…One “Other”…

**There seems to be a little confusion regarding this post…so, if you havent read yesterdays post…start there! (*”She who must not be named” IS NOT MELISSA! Melissa and I are NOT  having ANY PROBLEMS WHAT SO EVER!…Seriously…read yesterdays post…and message me if you need the password!)**

Ok, so the appointment has been made with “she who must not be named”  for tomorrow afternoon.

Here’s what I’m hoping for:

  • It’s an easy fix.
  • Not to spend anymore money…ESPECIALLY on “she who must not be named”.
  • Not to do anyone bodily hard regarding this matter.

In the last few days we’ve been trying to be positive. By cracking jokes. While we couldn’t be further from amused…sometimes it’s easier to just laugh.

My friend Erik sent me this text when I said something about how smart Loren was when playing with electronics:

“She is Melissa’s child I would expect no less…well I guess this week she is just your child…stupid vital records!”

Melissa thinks she should now be a paid child care provider…since she’s “no longer Loren’s mother”…

Beth and Laura think we are being Punk’d and that Ashton Kutcher will jump out at any minute…I’m still waiting…but I didn’t have the heart to tell them that show hasn’t been on the air in YEARS!

The overall reaction: This is a pain in the ass.

More after our meeting with…


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