Hiatus Over

You would think being on vacation I would have MORE time to blog…you would be wrong.

Traveling with Loren sort of takes away all down time. While it’s amazing to be away it’s far more difficult for some reason. Thank goodness for “Grandma” who’s willing to change ANY DIAPER(and who apparently LOVES to do laundry!) and for “Grandpa” who was in charge of the first nap of every day!

Today is our first full day home and Melissa said to me this morning…”I really missed my dad this morning – I’m already exhausted!”

While things didn’t go according to plan we still had a really great time!

We spent three nights in Vegas, which I was a little concerned about with a baby, but she was a CHAMPION!

We saw David Copperfield – AAAAMAZING.

Visited The Bodies Exhibition: A little creepy(mostly the babies were creepy) and I’m totally baffled as to why there were no women on display (except for bits and pieces.).

We also did The CSI: Experience! I’m thinking of applying for a job!

There are a ton of pictures…that have already been posted to facebook…and they are on Melissa’s computer…so you’re arent getting those!


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