Little Miss Trouble

I find it really interesting to just observe Loren sometimes. Watching those wheels turn is a really amazing thing.

Last week Melissa shared this story with me when I got home.

She and Loren had been on the floor playing with the Laugh and Learn Learning Kitchen (which has been a huge hit at our house for a long time).

Anyway, Melissa was showing Loren that you can put the square milk in the square slot, the triangle carrots in the triangle slot and the round tomatoes (or are they apples?) in the circle slot. Melissa would start the process and let Loren push it all the way through. Then, it was time for Loren to do it on her own. She tried, for a while, to put the square in the circle, or circle in the triangle, with no success.

So, in true, “I’m a baby know it all” fashion – she swung the refrigerator door open, tossed the milk in and slammed the door. As if to say “You guys are idiots…that was much easier”.

Melissa says we are just teaching her to “work smarter…no harder” from a very young age!


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