30 Day Blog Non-Challge: DAY THIRTY/OMG I MADE IT!!!

Day 30 – What is/are the most memorable questions or reactions you’ve gotten in regards to being a two-mom family?

This made me giggle a little. I recently started reading a blog called Radical Gay Family Agenda, I find it pretty funny…its just a man telling the story of how “radical” his little family is (i.e. “I sat beside a heterosexual family at dinner at a cute little eclectic restaurant with sidewalk seating. I could not believe they used a high chair and bib for their child just like we used to do with our child. There has to be some kind of conspiracy that they were copying our gay ways.”)

I view our family as no different than anyone elses. Yes, we have two moms, some have two dads, some have a mom and a dad, and some have a mom OR a dad…the fact is we all function in ultimately the same way.

That being said…I haven’t gotten a lot of questions about our family. My “friends” typically fall into two categories.

Category 1: If you’re happy,  I’m happy I love you, now tell me about picking a donor.

Category 2:  I know you’re gay but I’m trying to pretend you’re who I thought I knew in high school and that you aren’t married to a woman, and I’m certainly never going to broach the subject.(PS Jesus loves you…)

As you can imagine there aren’t many in category 2, while I cherish friendships from the past when someone announces “Hey Y’all I’m a lesbian” to everyone it sure does weed out the friends from the acquaintances really quickly!

It’s a little funny that I haven’t gotten too many questions because I’m truly like an open book. If you simply ask a question (and not come at me in an angry, critical, “what you’re doing is wrong” kind of way…) I’m more than willing to answer it!


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