30 Day Blog Non-Challage: Day 29

Day 29 – What do you think about giving kids an allowance, and what chores do you or would you expect your child(ren) to help out with?

Well, Loren is almost 11 months and constantly on a path of destruction. So, she better hope we forget all of the picking up, diaper changing, and puke clean up we’ve done in the last 11 months or she may never get an allowance! I’ll be charging her back allowance for all the work we’ve done!  I’m only kidding

I’m actually all for allowance. When I was in high school I lived with my grandparents. They thought I was there to clean the house, do yard work, and whatever else they could think of. There was no allowance…it was like me earning the right to live with them.  I think a child has little responsibility. They didn’t ask to brought into this world after all. So, while I do want to teach Loren responsibility, I will also reward her for being responsible.



One thought on “30 Day Blog Non-Challage: Day 29

  1. We (or I) have a merit system with Micha.. His allowance rate is more like a salary different chores earn different amounts. However if he doesn’t do something expected of him that he doesn’t get money for, say like clean his room, or if he does a paid chore poorly then I subtract from the money he has earned.

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