30 Day Blog Non-Challge: Day 23

Day 23 – What were your favorite activities to do when you were a kid?

Well yesterdays post sort of touched on this.

When you think of the south you might think of the typical car in the front yard on bricks…well thats sort of what my childhood was like.

There was an old tractor that didn’t run that we LOVED to play on. Pretend we were driving, plowing the fields, and who knows what else!

There was an old row boat that I never actually saw in water…but always full of water. The thing about it being full of water meant that when summer hit it was full of tadpoles…literally thousands of tadpoles.

We found old buckets of paint and painted every tree we came across blue…

We played in the creek…and got in trouble because “Darcie dont you know there are snakes in the creek?”.

We played in an old barn…which was AMAZING. It had stalls, and a big ass loft…it was the perfect “clubhouse” for a bunch of kids!

Finally, we went ice skating. I know what you’re thinking…BS – there’s no ice skating in Mississippi. You’re right. But, for one winter there was an old hood to a truck that was in the woods (I would never let Loren play in the woods…I’m scared just thinking about it!) and in the early mornings it would have ice on it, so we would pretend we were ice skating.

At the time I’m sure I was just entertaining myself and thinking this is totally lame I would rather be ____insert something way cooler here____.

I’m not sure I would want Loren growing up like I did…it all seems a little dangerous for my sweet little girl! πŸ™‚


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