Vacation…aka I can’t wait to get the hell out of here!

The first time we went on a road trip with Loren she was around 3 weeks old. We were going to see Melissa’s parents and it takes 6 (ish) hours to get there.

Needless to say we were extremely concerned about the drive and all the crap we had to take.

We are spending the majority of July on VACATION in Arizona or in the motor home with Melissa’s parents. I can’t wait. However, last night I was prepping bottles and started thinking about all of the things I needed to pack for Loren and got a little panicked.

Here’s the list from the first trip we made:

Pack N Play
Clothes (Gowns, Onsies, Socks, CUTE STUFF – obviously)
Burp Cloths
Pink Seahorse (she loves him!)
Baby Wash
Towel/wash cloth
Nail Clippers/File
Gas Meds
Bigger Diaper Bag

So, I’ve marked a few things off that we no longer need. Except now there are other things

Formula…and lots of it…16 days = 3+ canisters of formula…

Bebe Pod

Toys…lots of toys the girl does not sit still

She also eats “people” food now…so we will definitely need to make a grocery run when we get there…maybe we should just buy formula there too! OMG


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