Mama Needs a Nap

Since Loren started sleeping in her bed it’s been pretty amazing. She usually wakes up around the time Melissa does and then she gets to sleep in her swing next to my side of the bed for the next hour.

To be clear, this tactic was for my sanity. If not for that swing we would be up for the morning around 5:30 am…every single day. Also, since the swing is right next to my head,  even if she was lying there awake I could take a few minutes to wake up…rather than launch myself out of bed and hussle to Loren’s room the second she started to chirp!

All that was true until yesterday. Yesterday, Loren was in her swing babbling sweet nothings to me and suddenly 13 seconds after my eyelids opened she launched herself over the edge of the swing and onto the floor, WHILE STRAPPED IN.

So picture it:


Bleary eyed Mama.

Flying Baby*.

Mama fumbling in the dark.

Swing still trying to swing.

Baby UNDER the swing.

Baby Screaming at Mama to hurry the F up…(I swear she may have yelled obscenities at me…like it was my fault!)

Baby recovered, no injuries, crying immediately stopped. (Startled…no hurt!)

Swing is now retired – except for being used in the upright, strapped in, lap bar in place, heavily monitored, for play time only scenarios.

*It should be noted the swing is only about 6 inches from the floor.


Needless to say – because the swing has been retired I’ve been up since 5 til 6…instead of my preferred 6:30…oiy mama needs a nap!


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