Conversations from Marriage: Severe Angles

The Scene: I was lying on the floor and Loren was treating me like a jungle gym.

Darcie: WHOA! She almost got all the way over me!

Melissa: Yeah, she’s been doing that to me for a while because it’s not such a severe angle for me…

Darcie: (mouth hanging open)….

Melissa: Well, whats the nice way to say that?

Darcie: I’m not sure there is a nice way to say “your large ass creates to big of an angle between it and the floor for our child to safely navigate her way over it”.

Melissa: OH…that’s not exactly what I meant

End Scene…

While I have given Melissa HELL for this conversation in the last 3 days and she gets pitiful and apologetic every time I bring up my large angle I still find it too amusing not to share! Seriously, she’s sorry! 🙂


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