The Big Move

I told you guys I was going to relocate the blog…so here it is! All spiffy and new!

My reason for the move was simple…I wanted the option to password protect some posts. Specifically posts that contain photos or videos of Loren! This project was way more than I imagined and I’m slowly but surely going back and adding a password to all photo posts! In other news – I post a lot of photos!

I’m not going to be weird about who sees the photos…I just want to know WHO is looking at my child! So, if you want to view a password protected post…comment with your email address and I’ll email it to you OR email …just tell me who you are! 🙂

Bare with me…I’m learning this new platform as we go!


One thought on “The Big Move

  1. Okay I think I am officially on board. It did not ask for a password so I am not sure. Looking forward to what you have to say. Always entertaining!

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