>Long Weekend

>While I enjoy any “extra” time I get with my adorable little family this three day weekend felt more like 3 weeks!

Loren was extra clingy, irritable and IN TO EVERYTHING!

We were convinced that she was finally getting a tooth…but there was no evidence.

I was on my own while Melissa went to get a haircut on Saturday – literally the longest four hours of my life.

On top of her clingyirritablemonsterish self…she was also adorable. She kept being pitiful and laying her head on our chests…but only for a few seconds and then she was back in the game of destruction!

She was sneezing a lot yesterday and kept us up the majority of last night because she was congested. Cold? Allergies? I dont know…but definitely no teeth!

So, I’ll pull the humidifier back out and we will let her sleep in the swing tonight in hopes that we all get some sleep. In a case of true irony, now that she sleeps in her bed full time she really prefers it there! She can’t roll over in her swing which in the end just pisses her off!


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