>Pride: Am I Too Old For This?

>We ventured out to Long Beach for Pride.

Loren basically loves any adventure and is mostly oblivious to what’s going on outside our little circle – Thank Goodness!

I desperately want her to see and interact with other families like ours…I just don’t imagine I’ll take her to another pride.

Melissa said it best – it’s not overall family friendly (it has a family “area”) and we definitely don’t want her to see so many “adults behaving badly!”.

While I’m all for freedom of expression I (not so) secretly hope Loren never feels that she should wear booty shorts and pasties (ONLY PASTIES!) in public!

On a positive note, it was a beautiful day….we (Melissa,Erik, Loren and I) spread the blanket out on the grass and Loren played until her heart was content, completely unaware of the man in a speedo with giant plush balls and the girl puking into a Frisbee.

There are just some questions this Mama isn’t ready to answer.

Where do you same sex parents take your kids for family outings?

I’ve heard there is Family Week…in or around Boston…but we aren’t ready to spend that much to travel…especially since she isn’t all that aware of whats going on!


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