>Snuggles and Sweetness

>Yesterday when I got home from work Melissa proclaimed she had sold Loren to the gypsies…a frequent threat in the Cotton house. Loren had of course been her typical nine month old self all afternoon, into EVERYTHING and demanding Melissa’s attention.

She was really sleeping in her swing and there were no gypsies were involved!

When I heard her “announce” to the world she was awake and I went in and got her. She gave me some of the best cuddles. She NEVER cuddles because she’s curious about everything and can’t be that relaxed. However, she laid her head on my chest and gave me so much love that I thought she might be sick…seriously.

It must have just been my day…after about twenty minutes of cuddles she was back to her usual self. The exception, I was the number one mama! She wanted to be a part of every little thing I was doing.

She’s also become completely obsessed with the refrigerator and makes a beeline for it anytime someone opens it! This fact only increased our mama/daughter bonding time as I was making cupcakes for work today!


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