>Baby Average Head

>Loren had her nine month doctor visit on Friday.

She’s a whopping 17.5 lbs (25th percentile), 27.5 inches (50th percentile) AND her head is FINALLY at 50th percentile!

That’s right, she’s no longer baby big head – she’s just baby average run-of-the-mill head!

Yes, her head may still look a little big because the rest of her is so small…but now we have to call her baby little body!

Because our weekend in San Diego was postponed, we thought we finally had a weekend that wasn’t full of events…we were wrong and were completely slammed the entire weekend! We ran errand, after errand, did more loads of laundry and dishes that I can even count and the four (including the dog) of us had a combined 3 doctor visits. That’s right…75% of my family had to go to the doctor on Friday.

For now everyone is fine. The dog is medicated and Melissa is going to have to go to therapy (of the physical persuasion!)…and well Loren is great!


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