>Conversations From Marriage: It’s all relevant…

>Bath time is one of Loren’s favorite parts of the day. After bath time is one of her least favorites. I assume for two reasons – bath time is over and she’s cold.

In an effort to keep her happy and alleviate some of the screaming we do everything in our power to be cheery and positive and a distraction to her while we get her dressed.

Last night I dried her off and put her towel on her face and said “Where’s Loren???” and SHE PULLED THE TOWEL DOWN ALL BY HERSELF (I of course followed with PEEK-A-BOO). THEN, she pulled it back over her face for another round. PULLED IT OVER HER FACE BY HERSELF! What...my baby isn’t big enough for that!

Cue Conversation:

Darcie: Loren just played peek-a-boo without my help!
Melissa: (Casually…) Yeah…she’s been doing that for a while.
Darcie: (Mouth hanging open) – ummm and you didn’t tell me?
Melissa: I didn’t realize it was a major milestone…is there a spot in the book for “Plays Peek-a-Boo”?
Darcie: Every little thing is relevant! When I “forget” to tell you she’s walking I don’t want to hear it!

I just want to soak every little thing in. We will only have these moments once (EVER!) and I hate to think I miss anything…even if it’s just peek-a-boo.

Please don’t mistake my nostalgia for a desire for a second baby…I haven’t yet forgotten August – December.


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