>Little Begger

>Loren eats really well!

Lately, she LOVES to eat our food! A little scrambled egg when we are out to breakfast, some avacado off my salad, or a little bread, she thinks it’s all great!

So, the strangest thing has happened. When we are home and she sees us with a plate, a bowl, or just chewing she scurries over, pulls herself up to her feet and starts smacking! The dog doesn’t even beg but my sweet little girl does!

This morning she had her back to me and heard me open a piece of chocolate, as soon as she heard the wrapper crinkle her head whipped around and she was on her way! Yes, I had a piece of Easter candy for breakfast…don’t judge me!

The only problem is – I don’t always have something on my plate she can eat when we are at home. I’m fairly certain she shouldn’t eat popcorn shrimp and she wanted it sooo this weekend!


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