>Loren is growing up so fast! Next week she’ll be NINE MONTHS OLD!

She pulls herself up on everything and loves to stand and she’s finally figured out how to get down! So, there’s no more crying when she starts to “feel the burn”!!! She’s also started to slow scoot along the edge of the couch!

She’s learning new things everyday! When she goes for the dogs bowl I say “Loren, that’s not yours” and she stops and looks up at me as if to say “I’m not going to touch it Mama…until you turn around”…

Shes started waving goodbye and hello! She gives the best sloppy, slobbery kisses and she makes a beeline for me the second I walk in the door from work!

One of my favorite things around our apartment are the smudges on the mirrors in her bedroom where she’s been sitting in front of her closet kissing herself!

I’ll have to put her on the scale before her 9 month owl photo because I’m serious she’s grown like a week recently!!!

We are walking on Sunday in AIDS Walk OC if anyone else wants to donate! We’ve raised a whopping $800!!! (Considering our original goal was only $200 I’m pretty impressed!!!)


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