>I’m an internet shopper. I don’t have time to go to 12 different stores to find what I need, especially when my BFF Google can find it in a snap!

That being said, I’m pretty savvy. I look for the best price, find a coupon, and make sure the company is reputable…usually.

I say usually because in my excitement of finally finding the goodie boxes that I wanted to get for Loren’s birthday (yes I’m an over-planner…yes it’s in August) in a quanity that worked for me (less than 100) I forgot the last step – Make sure the company is reputable.

Eleven days after my purchase I realized that I hadn’t gotten shipping confirmation and the boxes definitely hadn’t arrived…so I googled! They have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau and a ton of people complaints on other sites. So, I emailed them…twice and called them…repeatedly – I LOVE VOICE-MAIL!

Maybe I’ll get my adorable boxes…most reivews said they did…just months later or only got a portion of what they ordered! So, I’ll wait a month and then contest the charge with my credit card company.

Did I mention how cute the boxes were?

So, if you too need super cute packaging…don’t get it from http://www.boxandwrap.com , just don’t…

Dammit…I’m so mad at myself!

UPDATE: The package arrived today…while I maintain Box and Wrap customer service completely blows, and I wouldn’t order from them again, and I’m still mad at myself – the boxes are freaking adorable!


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