>Conversations From Marriage: Mothers Day Edition

>When it comes to Melissa I tend to be a practical gift giver, this is mostly because unlike most women she hates flowers (allergies) and doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry. I got her a Dremel for her birthday this year, she was in love. However, I really want Loren to give her something meaningful for her first Mothers Day…so, in an effort to get an idea of what she was thinking (meaningful or practical) we had this conversation.

The Scene: Melissa and I at lunch.

Darcie: Loren and I were discussing Mothers Day gifts today…
Melissa: Really? I…err Loren already has something in mind for you!
Darcie: (Jokingly) I’m leaning towards that food dehydrator that you want…
Melissa: No.
Darcie: hmm OK, any requests…
Melissa: Not really….a few seconds later! Look at that ladies cool Vans.
Darcie: So Rainbow Vans?
Melissa: Shoes are not a Mothers Day gift…
Darcie: So you want something sentimental?
Melissa: Well, part of me says yes…but realistically no…
Darcie: You clearly have something in mind…
Melissa: Not really
Darcie: But no food processors and no shoes…?
Melissa: Right…

What did you get for your first Mothers Day? Do you have any suggestions for me?


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