>List of Places to Go

>Earlier this week a friend shared with me an article about Fifteen places your kids should experience before they are fifteen. He went on to say how he had seen much of the list as a child, and I was disturbed to find that I had seen NONE of the list until recently. The TWO I had seen were the Grand Canyon (the day Loren turned 1 month) and I saw (but did not go to) Alcatraz Island when Loren was 3 months old. To clarify the two I have seen at thirty so had Loren at 3 months.

I think it would be cool to make this our list of things to do in the next 14 years 4 months!

(in no particular order)

  • Grand Canyon (AZ)
  • Redwood National Park (CA)
  • Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello Estate (VA)
  • The Freedom Trail (MA)
  • Niagara Falls (NY)
  • The National Mall (DC)
  • Walt Disney World (FL)
  • Colonial Williamsburg (VA)
  • Independence Hall (PA)
  • Ellis Island (NY)
  • Alcatraz Island (CA)
  • Yellowstone National Park (WY, ID, or MT)
  • Fenway Park (MA)
  • Craters of the Moon National Monument (ID)
  • San Diego Zoo (CA)

I think we can do it. There are some we would obviously do (SD Zoo!) and then there are some I’m itching to do (Fenway Park!) and then there is one I’ve never heard of…Craters of the Moon National Monument?

Did you take any memorable vacations as a child? What’s your favorite place to visit as an adult?


7 thoughts on “>List of Places to Go

  1. >I've seen 9, and actually, Yellowstone was my favorite vacation spot as a kid.I even have pictures of myself at Craters of the Moon.Also, if you ever want to go to either Yellowstone or Redwood, I'm in. Love both, have tent, will travel.

  2. >I guess I should google this Craters of the Moon phenom! Of course Auntie Mo can come with…New goal – 15 places BEFORE Loren is 15 WITH THE GODPARENTS! (*Paco?)

  3. >It's basically a bunch of volcanic rock that looks like craters. Totally boring for kids over the "imaginary friend" age.PS-I saw all of them before the age of 12, except Alcatraz, which I've been to but didn't see (it was too foggy), and have seen but wasn't at (duh, I work in SF). I've never been inside.

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