>Goodbye Boob

>Yesterday was Melissa’s last day pumping.

Her original goal was to breastfeed Loren for 6 months. Since we are only about a week away from the 8 month mark I would say she was more than successful. Honestly the primary reason for stopping is Loren needs more milk than Mel is producing. Mel would pump multiple times a day (at work) and the last few days she was only getting about 2 ounces total…and Loren is taking between 6 and 8 oz per feeding now.

The only sticky part is that she still eats in the middle of the night…how did you non-breast feeding moms deal with that?

The obvious goal is to stop feeding her in the middle of the night. However, since her sniffles are finally gone we are going to start sleep training (probably this weekend) soon. So, is it fair to take away her swing, her warm cuddles and her midnight snack?

I will miss the convenience of not having to pack bottles…


2 thoughts on “>Goodbye Boob

  1. >It's a sad day, and a happy day I'm sure! We nursed and supplemented in the beginning and as for the middle of the night feedings, just make the bottle first and go in and feed her. I've heard that formula babies sleep better because their body works harder to digest it. Our son has slept WONDERFULLY, we did the CIO method also. Good luck in all your new adventures!Fellow BBCer

  2. >Isaac is back to waking up at 4 am. Every day. I can't stand to hear him scream…a muted expression of displeasure is fine…but screaming at the top of his lungs…I cannot let him do that.I am working on a solution. But yes, you can take away her night time stuff…she will be just fine. I am considering weaning Isaac as well…he simply isn't into it anymore. Having said that, I bet he'll all of sudden be the perfect nursing boy so that I don't wean him. LOLParenting is never as we plan it. I think we are merely puppets on their strings. 😉

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