>On Your Feet

>This week Loren has been completely infatuated with her toy bin, she’s been pulling herself up to her knees and just looking and touching everything, but rarely pulling anything out. Last night Melissa and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and Loren was on the floor in front of us playing on her playmat, suddenly Melissa grabs my arm to get my attention and Loren has pulled herself up to her FEET using the toy bin.

So, I grabbed my phone and was desperately trying to take her picture…it was like I was moving in slow motion or my phone had forgotten how to work correctly, Melissa was adding to the pressure by sharply whispering “she’s not going to hold it for long…hurry up!” FINALLY I got this…

I know, I know it’s dark! So I turned the flash on in hopes I would have time to try again!

I did…Seconds after Loren began to whine, she was completely frustrated because she didn’t know how to get down! I told Melissa she was probably “feeling the burn”!

Again I ask…where did my baby go? One day she’s smacking and the next day she’s on her feet?

Remember when I said I needed to get serious about baby proofing? The 4 do-dads I’ve put into the wall sockets are not going to cut it…I SERIOUSLY NEED TO GET SERIOUS!


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