>Cabinet Space

>Before Loren was born Melissa and I were determined to be prepared. We sanitized all her bottles, bowls, spoons, and pacifiers, cleaned out two drawers (one small, one large enough that her bottles can stand in it) and gave her space in our kitchen…which worked for a while.

How naive am I? For the last few months we’ve added more and more to Loren’s kitchen items…cereal, baby food, formula, Mum Mums, disposable bibs, drop ins etc…all of which has been on the counter. So, for the last month I’ve been saying “I really need to clean out our cabinets and find a place for all of Loren food”…and then her baby food went on sale.

I knew before we stocked up on 40 jars of baby food I had to make some space, there was no way an additional 40 jars of baby food could live on our counter. I think it looks pretty good AND we got rid of some things we never use!

Here’s where the story gets funny!

While I was organizing I had all the jars of food on the counter and I was separating them by flavor (categorized by fruit, veggie or meat) and Loren and Melissa were “helping”…watching.

All of a sudden I hear a smacking noise in my ear. I turned around and there was Loren eyeballing her food and smacking her lips! It was adorable and earned her a Turkey Vegetable Dinner! For a while now she’s recognized her bottle and gets really excited to see it, but she had never recognized her baby food before and she’s certainly never smacked and licked her lips before!

I swear she’s changing so quickly I can barely keep up!


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