>Conversations from Marriage

>Two posts in one day…oooohhhh

I know conversations from marriage are everyone’s favorite…so here’s a little tidbit from this morning.

The Scene: 5:30am – Darcie drowsily sitting on the couch, Melissa in the kitchen making breakfast, and Loren is headed for the pool…aka Boston’s water bowl.

Melissa “resets” Loren to the play mat…while carrying a butter knife.

Cue Conversation:

Darcie: Loren wants to know if she can borrow your knife.
Melissa: (to Loren) No kiddo…this one is mine…yours is sharper.
Darcie: Loren you’ll never get into a gang with a butter knife anyway!
Melissa: She said she wants to join the the Cribs.

Laughter erupts.

End Scene.

I know the knife situation was a scary one…but in making a little joke about it helps me not have a panic attack every time I remember it!


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