>Standing Still

>Disclaimer: No babies were injured in the events leading up to this blog.

Loren is continuing to scoot all over the living room. It’s really adorable. She wants anything and everything that is not hers! Last night she was obsessed with one of my shoes, typically she zooms for the dogs toy as soon as he puts it down, a phone, a remote, a cord…if she’s not supposed to play with it – she is obsessed and must have it.

This morning I was sitting in the recliner and she was doing her scoot and she got to the recliner. She got quiet, and stayed where she was, the problem was I couldn’t lean forward because I was scared I would rock on her. So, I was trying to manuever her gently with my foot so I could see what she was up to. I finally got her out of the way, looked down and she was chewing on a KNIFE!

The next 10 seconds seemed to last 10 minutes…time was almost standing still.

I immediately had a heart attack, because I’m not talking about a butter knife, I’m talking about a sharp sharp knife! I didn’t want to startle Loren and panic because the sharp sharp knife was in her mouth and I was scared she would lurch and hurt herself. So, I calmly leaned down (to my smiling happy daughter) and took the knife, she is fine…I can’t believe her gums weren’t bleeding….or she hadn’t cut her hand…

I truly can’t believe how fast and determined she is. She was literally out of my line of site less than a minute before I could get her scooted away from the recliner…

After my heart-rate returned to normal I was sitting there holding the knife and Loren was soooo interested in it, she wanted it back and was doing everything in her power to get it! If she only knew!

I now know that the knife was used to open a package and it must have slipped between the cushion and landed under the recliner, unbeknownst to the package opener…


2 thoughts on “>Standing Still

  1. >that was very scary. I am sure you are greatful for for the best outcome you could have had. Just another case for putting everything back where it belongs when you are finished with it.

  2. >Lesson learned for sure. It was an honest mistake and I'm so thankful that she wasn't hurt…just thinking about it my blood pressure and heart rate increase…

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