>To the Gypsies

>Loren is such a happy baby most of the time. She smiles, giggles, and scoots her way through life. We have been very blessed to have such a content child. (knock on wood). However, this has left us completely unprepared for those moments when she is less than happy. When she does start to become trying: fussing, crying, or refusing to sleep, we threaten to sell her to the gypsies.

Most Gypsy threats are the result of her refusal to sleep through the night anywhere other than in the bed next to me. I love my sleep and don’t really appreciate her taking it away from me just because she likes to snuggle.

Yesterday we notice Loren’s nose running during the evening, but didn’t think too much of it. As the night wore on she became more and more congested. She apparently doesn’t sleep well when she can’t breath through her nose.

Early on Darcie and I divided the night into shifts so we could each always be guaranteed some sleep. She does 8 to midnight and I do midnight till 5:30 when I have to start getting ready for work.

Due to her congestion Loren woke up every time we tried to set her down last night, so we had to hold her all night. And for the first time in many many weeks, I didn’t want to sell her to the gypsies. I held her for my 5 and ½ hours and didn’t have one problem with doing it. She’s so sweet/pitiful when she’s not feeling well. I guess the gypsies will have to find another baby to take. And Darcie and I will have to learn to live on snuggles and sweet sighs, but very little sleep.


4 thoughts on “>To the Gypsies

  1. >Look Darcie…last week when you were sick…she just though you whined….but she totally gives in to Loren.One of My favorite things: cuddling a sick child

  2. >I was thinking the same thing thing morning babe! I did have to put her down to go to the bathroom but I found that her being sniffy and pitiful is not frustrating at all…but the fighting her when she's just being stubborn…that's for the gypsies!

  3. >I totally use that "sell to the gypsies" line all the time. Until my son started thinking that there really WERE gypsies that were going to show up at the door and take away his little sister. Ever since then, if I forget and threaten to sell her, he shows up and gets in my face saying, "NO!! Don't let them take her…PLEASE!!" and I realize perhaps I am damaging my poor, sensitive son… So I guess we have no more gypsies in our house…

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