>Allergy Season

>While it is technically still winter, the flowering plants in southern California seem to be misinformed and think spring has sprung! Our parking lot looks like it’s been tinted yellow and all the gaps in the sidewalks are full of bright yellow pollen! Don’t even get me started on our cars!

Speaking of allergies…

Loren’s pediatrician gave us the option to do an allergy panel and see what (if any) foods Loren is allergic to. Since Melissa has some food related issues and because of Loren’s need for soy formula we thought it was a good idea to do it. You may remember from Melissa’s post that Loren was a champion and didn’t even flinch during the blood drawer (she’s hard core…).

The doctors office called last night and said there were NO food allergies. Of course, it’s a blood panel not the stick test, but they tested for the big things, eggs, nuts, wheat, milk…etc! This is great news, we were definitely walking on egg shells and scared to give her wheat (especially!)!


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