>My Babies

>Sometimes, I have to wonder who my baby is: Darcie or Loren. As some of you might know, Darcie was sick last week with the stomach flu. Poor girl looked terrible.

In the past when Darcie has been sick, I’ve taken care of her. Once she starts to feel the least bit ill she forgets how to take care of herself. I need to supply blankets, food, pillows, and sometimes even reminders to shower.

Well now with Loren around, I don’t have as much time to baby Darcie. And well to be honest, it’s made her that much more pitiful. She even said, “but who’s going to baby me..” There apparently needs to be two of me!

Illness isn’t the only thing that reduces Darcie down to a blubbering mess.
I have found that is MUCH easier to take Loren to the doctor by myself. Darcie just can’t hack it. She gets all nervous and fluttery. She cries more about Loren’s shots than Loren cries.

Because she was sick on Friday, I had to go to the pediatrician with out her. What a relief! Loren got her shot and didn’t even let out a whimper. She took it like a champ and was her happy go lucky self. Following her flu shot we had to go to the lab to get a blood draw for allergies.

They had to take blood from her vein (many baby blood draws are done from the heel of the foot). They popped that needle into her vein and took a vile of blood. Again she didn’t flinch or even get an upset face. I’m sure Darcie however would have been reduced to tears seeing the “giant” needle going in.

What I’ve learned from Darcie being sick… She’s more of a baby than Loren.


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