>5:30am – What was my point again?

>At 5:30am Melissa put Loren on the playmat and started getting her stuff ready to head out for the day. Of course Loren starts to fuss, so I told her to turn the light on so she could see me laying on the couch.

To be clear 5:30am and I are not friends. I would assume the only time we’ve ever been friendly was when I was in college and I was seeing it from the other side. So, even at Loren’s cutest no part of me is pleased to be awake.

Of course, I wasn’t a fan of 3:30am when I was rocking her for 45 minutes (her tummy was hurting) and I’m sure Melissa wasn’t thrilled with the craptacular amount of sleep she got last night either.

When I’m super sleepy tears stream down my face like I’m seriously boo-hooing. So picture it…me – “crying” on the couch, glaring at my obnoxiously cute child, and telling the dog to leave me alone. Do all parents start their days this way? Does it ever get easier? WILL SHE EVER SLEEP?

Did I even write this post or am I seriously delirious? What was my point again?


3 thoughts on “>5:30am – What was my point again?

  1. >Darc- So sorry for the lack of sleep you & Mel are getting! I honestly have no idea what that is like (glad we are a country apart πŸ™‚ ), but I would think eventually it would have to get better! You'll figure it out. Moms always do! Hang in there friend!!

  2. >It mostly just changes, but it does get better. Now mine just come in and let me know they are home in the middle of the night. Guess the easier part is I only have to grunt and go back to sleep as opposed to getting up and feeding/changing. Hang in there, you will sleep again, some day. πŸ™‚

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