>The Reach

>For the last few weeks I’ve been whining that Loren never reaches for me or Mel. She reaches for toys that we are holding, she reaches for my necklace and she launches towards the dog, but never to me…until today!

This morning Melissa and Loren took Elisabeth to the airport and apparently half way home Loren was done riding in her car seat and by the time they pulled into our parking lot she was in stage four meltdown mode. I would have not known any of this because the second she saw me she was smiling and laughing and then it happened…she leaned, reached, grinned and grabbed onto ME! (SQUEAL!)

The funniest part was that after I was holding her she gave me a few snorts and whimpers to let me know that Mommy let her cry in the car seat for a long long 2 minutes. Already the drama queen!

This, coupled with the fact that Melissa is home today for Presidents day made leaving very difficult this morning.


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