>The Know It Alls

>It’s no secret that Melissa and I are first time parents. Every new task is a learning adventure.

We do very little without researching, reading and educating ourselves on the subject. Well, lets be honest…Melissa does the researching and reading and then educates me (she is a teacher after all). Nonetheless, we are NOT carelessly shoving jars of baby food down Loren, giving her baby cereal, formula or anything else without great care.

You guys, we even wipe her hands and face after every stranger at church thinks they should hold her hand or touch her face! (eww germs!)

Yet I’m still amazed to hear other mom’s say “I can’t believe you…”. I’m not sure what makes all moms experts or the authority on parenting but I have to say it’s a little annoying.

Of course, there’s also the complete other end of the spectrum, our friends who don’t have kids. They are so shocked when we will spend an entire day at Disneyland with them but not meet them for dinner at 7pm (aka – bedtime). (I’m sure the know it all moms are shocked we took her to Disney…she strolled and people watched you guys…we didn’t take her on Splash Mountain!)

At the end of the day we make the decisions that best suit our family and what we think works best for Loren. She LOVES being out, she doesn’t get overstimulated and she even naps on schedule in her stroller or in the ergo!

Lets face it…if Loren’s happy so are her moms!


3 thoughts on “>The Know It Alls

  1. >I'm sorry. I probably passed some well meaning advice along too…rest assured…I won't anymore. You are doing an amazing job. God would not have given you this beautiful girl, if he didn't know you were the best mom's for her. ❤

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