>The Things We Said We Wouldnt Do: The Growing List

>Remember when we really didn’t want to use pacifiers? Well we should buy stock in those little things…

Now we are knee deep in the battle of sleep. The biggest problem is that we are weak in the middle of the night. Who has the wherewithal to sleep train at 2am? So, Loren has been sleeping in our bed and because Melissa is afraid she will roll over and suffocate herself (because she loves to sleep FACE down!)so she lets her lay on her arm and therefore Melissa sleeps like crap all night long. Yes, we have a bassinet that is next to our bed. (I imagine Loren’s inner monologue to be saying “yeah…a cold lonely bassinet…”)

I’m sure she sleeps like a charm because it’s warm in our bed. Can babies use heating pads? (I’m joking…sort of)

I know many of you are BIG FANS OF CRYING IT OUT! We aren’t. We wont do it…thanks for the advice but we will figure this out!

Melissa started reading a “no cry” sleep book last week and has been charting our patterns. We shall see where this takes us…

Also, I’m at work with a hole in my pants today – why didn’t I notice that while I was at home! BAH!


One thought on “>The Things We Said We Wouldnt Do: The Growing List

  1. >Thank you for telling people to stop with the cry it out advice…I'm not even in the middle and hearing it all the time and it was driving ME nuts! What works for one person doesn't work for everyone.

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