>My Little Raspberry…

>A few months ago Loren had mastered blowing little raspberries, but recently she’s picked back up on this trait and she thinks it’s hilarious!

Yesterday she woke up, rolled over and blew a raspberry at me. It was adorable.

However, this morning when I gave her a bite of sweet potatoes and she blew a raspberry at me it was not so adorable. Mostly, because I was dressed for work and was certain I had bright orange sweet potato on my light peach colored shirt. I definitely had sweet potato on my face, arm, and chest but by some miracle it had missed my SHIRT!

After I fed Loren I was attempting to make my lunch and she was not having any of it! She screamed every time I walked out of the room. So I brought her into the kitchen with me and was letting her play on the floor. All was well until she fell over and smacked her head on the refrigerator. WORST MOM EVER 😦


3 thoughts on “>My Little Raspberry…

  1. >Oh, psh, all kids have to smack their head on something hard at least ONCE. Otherwise they turn out too normal. xDP.S. I'm very glad there is now a way to tell who's posting what!

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