>Adoption Update: FINALLLLLLY!

>Well, the letter didn’t come on Friday but it did FINALLY arrive on Saturday. I was a little panicked because a thin little envelope (and I was anticipating a large report filled envelope).

The most beautiful words:

“We have recommended that the adoption be approved” (EEK!)

So, now I’m sending Melissa off to the court house today to schedule our court date. I’m not really sure how long this process will take, I’m only hoping its sooner rather than later.

I have an eerie feeling we will be waiting on yet another letter!


2 thoughts on “>Adoption Update: FINALLLLLLY!

  1. >YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is mucho exciting-o! Not that ANYONE thought for a second you WOULDN'T be approved, but it's still so exciting that it's so close to actually happening! =D I'm crossing my fingers and toes (and arms and legs) that your court date is soon!

  2. >Dropped in from the BBC blog post… after seeing that you have a court date you were excited about, I had to find out more. Congratulations. Sounds like your "labor" is finally about to end.Best wishes for a long happy life as a family.Shan :+)PS Love the blog!

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