>Politically Incorrect

>I think that people spend a little too much effort trying to be politically correct. Everything has been so washed out in an attempt to not offend ANYONE.

While I understand and respect the need to not pick on, persecute, or ostracize any group of people; I do believe that there is a line at which we just become absurd.

People will always be offended.

Having said that, I find myself wondering what type of world Loren is going to grow up in. Will we continue to become afraid of offending everyone, even our own shadows? Or will our hypersensitivity backlash and will be being politically incorrect be the new in thing?

All I know is that I might flip my lid if this ever shows up on any of Loren’s required school supply lists. What happened to using peach, brown, and yellow?


5 thoughts on “>Politically Incorrect

  1. >Not at all.. btw i read that post that about Chastity Bono I would definately say that crosses the line! What i'm talking about for example is a 30 minute long conversation I had in one of my college classes about how calling someone "black" is offensive, but then a "black" student said they don't want to be called "African-American" because they don't concider themself "African".. so wtf.. I guess we should refer to people who have "more skin pigmentation"?

  2. >In Kindergarten they use these in crayon form. Identity/identification is something that kindergartners struggle with. They don't know their own eye and hair color, skin color etc. So it was important to our teachers to teach the kids about themselves to better identify their parents and themselves if ever it were needed.Really, it could just be a way to make them learn that we all are different colors. Who knows. I agree though…get creative…figure out how to make your own unique color if that is your thing. Use the standard 8.

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