>Yesterday I logged into our self service portal at work to add Loren’s name to my life insurance policy (you know if something awful happens to BOTH Melissa and I), its simple – all I needed was her name, address, social, gender and then there is a drop down menu to choose our relationship. The very first option is “Adopted Child” and I just don’t get it. What’s the difference between Son, Daughter and Adopted Child? This really irritated me.

Speaking of adoption…

As you may remember the super nice social worker called us late on Friday evening (because she couldn’t read the address on the document from Pacific Reproductive Services) and said I should expect my report this week.

Being the patient person that I am – I have excitedly/anxiously checked the mail everyday just to be bombarded with a pile of advertisements, bills, or other useless crap! (and by useless I mean important (yet uninteresting) tax documents vital to our tax filing goodness!).

I even made Mel check our box yesterday (because I was to impatient to wait two more hours until I got home) and of course Thursday HAD TO BE THE DAY! It wasn’t.

Maybe today…


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