>As you know, Loren was baptized recently! The whole event was lots of fun. It’s always nice to have something to celebrate.

The best part, however, is getting to see friends and family we don’t see very often. A special nod to Grace, Laura, Erik, and Carol.

Erik is one of Darcie’s really good friends and Loren’s Godfather. He is great with her, and she loves her “Uncle Erik.” We need to watch Loren around Erik though because sometimes the lessons he teaches her are a little strange.

We were all sitting in the living room hanging out playing with Loren when Erik taught her this awesome lesson…

Bears go WOOF!

What?!?! Everyone in the room turned to him. One by one we challenged him, don’t you mean they GRRRR, Roar, or Growl.

He informed us, bears WOOF; that is how they identify each other.

We all left it at that. Because how do you argue with a guy about bears, when he’s wearing a bear shirt? He obviously knows something we don’t!

Let it be known, when Loren’s preschool teacher calls us over and explains her concern that Loren INSISTS cows go Moo, cats go Meow, and bears go Woof. Erik will need to handle the situation.


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