>She who sleeps in a swing…

>We’ve really been adamant about Loren sleeping in her bassinet. We dont even use the vibration feature anymore. It’s going less than great…she sleeps for 2 or 3 hours and wakes up, snuggles and goes back to sleep – thats on a good night.

On a bad night she wakes up after 2 hours and refuses to go back into the bassinet all night. So she lays in the bed next to Melissa and therefore Melissa doesnt sleep at all.

On a really bad night she screams, cries, and refuses all soothing. Those are usually the nights Melissa has eaten something she shouldn’t have – broccoli, Mexican, popcorn…etc

However, this week she’s had a little congestion and if she lays flat she chokes, so she gets to sleep in her swing. It’s been glorious really. Last night she slept from 9pm – 3:00am in her swing…non stop, no feeding, snuggles, or cuddles required! She ate at 3 and slept for 3 more hours! Truly beautiful.

I think I had forgotten how amazing the swing was and now I miss it again.

In other news – regarding my post from yesterday – since I may not always have something to tell you and because Melissa thinks it’s a little unfair that you get to hear about things she does wrong or that are hilarious but you never get to hear about things I do that are wrong or just plain funny – like when I made her take Loren in the other room to squirt saline up her nose because I didn’t want to hear her cry (she didnt by the way), I will be giving Melissa administrator access to the blog and she will now be posting as well!


4 thoughts on “>She who sleeps in a swing…

  1. >My daughter slept in her swing every single night in her room for her first 5 months of life. She transitioned easily to the crib when she outgrew it and it made both of our lives MUCH more manageable. I say long live the swing!!

  2. >She beautifully slept in her swing until about a month ago, and I kept finding her on her side with her face in the pillow thing! Needless to say it scared the crap out of me! So, we started the transition to the bassinet/crib – however these last 3 nights have been so amazing I'm not sure I have the willpower to put her back in the bassinet! 🙂

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