>Enter Stage Left

>Hello world..

Darcie seems to be too busy to keep you all up to date on everything that is going on. So, I suckered her into giving me access to the blog. MUHAHAHA!

This should be good for you readers and for me, as for Darcie that has yet to be seen. Up till now you’ve only gotten one side of the story; let’s face it, Darcie likes to skew things to make herself look better.

Thus, today’s conversation from marriage: Melissa’s Revenge Side.

Set scene: Two nights ago, Loren has been congested all day and has a pitiful cough.

Me: We have saline spray or drops for her nose, which do you think will be easier.

Darice: Neither

Me: Well one has to be easier than the other..

Darcie: The spray, but do it in the other room!

Me: Um ok.. (goes to other room sprays baby’s nose and returns)

Darcie: .. being a mom is SOOO DIFFICULT!

Me: Yes dear, experiencing your child getting nose drops from a room away is difficult.

I also have to take Loren to the other room to take her temperature. Apparently Darcie doesn’t put anything into the baby that’s not food from a bottle/jar.

I’m not sure who the baby is, Loren or Darcie.


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