>The End

>This morning I was laying in bed watching Loren sleep in her swing (that’s another story) and I was thinking about my blog. I was pondering what to post about this week, if anything monumental happened or if I was just forcing the issue. Am I done with this?

I do find that I enjoyed writing, sharing updates and progress reports more before Loren arrived. We were all so eager to meet her and every little detail seemed extremely important. I do enjoy sharing her photos and stories, but I really enjoy enjoying her! It could be that I don’t have the time now, she is truly a joy, a time consuming joy, and I would rather spend my spare time with her and Melissa. Not to mention, I HAVE to work, I HAVE to take classes (yet another story!), and I have to keep our home in order (ish). So in the grand scheme of things this poor blog falls pretty low on the totem pole.

Then, this morning I was making my daily rounds and a blog I’ve been reading since we started this journey of motherhood (you know back when it was merely an idea) was titled “THE END”. It was a nice post about how they had been considering having a third baby (OMG…no WAY! Loren will remain an only child!) and how they had decided this was the end of having babies AND THE END OF THEIR BLOG. I felt so sad. These aren’t people I know, I never even commented on their blog and I still felt like something I enjoyed was being taken away.

So, don’t worry this isn’t the end of Darcie, Melissa and Loren! It’s just the end of any sort of schedule. You guys really only want to know about the interesting stuff anyway…right?

Tomorrow I’ll tell you why Loren got to sleep in her swing again…if time allows!

But, until then I can share some important information – the social worker called me at 5:30pm Friday evening to verify some information (EEK! She was working on MY REPORT!!!!), she said I should have the report sometime this week! Maybe all that flattery from 2 weeks ago really worked! (kidding!) Then I should be able to make our court date! (happy dance)


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