>Adoption Update

>There’s one thing I’ve always known about myself: I’m not very patient.

That being said, when you tell me I should know something in forty-five days I start feverishly checking the mail on day forty-six. On day fifty-five I start bitching about it to Melissa.

On day 62 I call the social worker…completely unprepared (without my case #) and I never get a call back.

So, on day 70 I call again, more prepared, and finally get a return call.

Here’s what I know for sure – I’m not as important as kids who need to be removed from their homes in an emergency (yeah yeah I know…). The nice social worker let me know that she had been dealing with several emergencies but my file was on her desk…and only behind TWO OTHER second parent adoptions! Sadly, she couldn’t give me an estimate on when she would get to mine because she can’t predict when more time sensitive cases may skip in front of me.

Of course impatient Darcie doesn’t consider things like emergency situations or the THREE holidays that have come and gone since we met with the social worker.

So if you’re reading this Nancy, I wasn’t kidding when I called you nice! I’d also like to mention that I like your hair, and you smelled really nice that day we met, and umm…you’re really pretty?


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