>A whole lot of nothing…

>I have so much going on but nothing to write about.

I’m on my lunch break. It’s been a really crazy week thus far! The beginning of the term is always this way…students haves questions and they want them answered NOW! So there’s that.

I only realized I hadnt blogged in a few days (or in 2011!) Because my darling wife looks at me and says “I think my favorite blogger has been kidnapped”…I started to ask her if kidnappers usually let moms sleep (or nap as their name implies!)…because that might not be so bad!

Today my sweet pea is 5 months old! (That post will come tomorrow…I took the pictures this morning…but forgot the camera at home!)

My best friend is moving home from South Korea (YAY!!!!!!!!) in a week and a half and will be spending 3 weeks with us! (DOUBLE YAY!). Plus she will get here just in time for Loren’s baptism! (Dare I say triple yay?).

In addition to that visitor, one of my best friends from college (Loren’s Godfather), Erik is coming in the day before Laura arrives (for obvious reasons!).

So while we don’t have a ton going on this coming weekend the next weekend is jammed to maximum capacity! Two trips to LAX, a two year olds b’day party, my in laws are coming, and Loren’s is getting baptized!

Also, the roof of the unit above ours is leaking and water has found it’s way to Loren’s closet…so the Christmas mess was cleaned up only to be followed by an even bigger one! Everything from the closet is in the middle of her room and maintenance has ripped out the padding and plans to come back and poke holes in the drywall…

Was that enough exclamation points Mo? (!!)


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