>Melissa Called Me OLD!

>Melissa said I’m not allowed to put our “conversation from marriage” from earlier in my blog. She didn’t however give me any limitations on what I could title this post!

Honestly, maybe she’s right! OR maybe the lack of sleep is catching up to me! I’m not easily surprised…mostly because I’m so nosy that I hear, see, and notice everything. (Melissa is none of those things! I’ve wrapped everyone of her gifts whiles shes in the room…) So, come Christmas/Birthday time Mel has to be super sleuthy (that’s a word…right?)…in previous years no unwrapped package was safe. This year…I’ve ignored half open boxes, big padded envelopes on the dining room table and everything else. Maybe it’s because I got my “big gift” for my birthday? Maybe I’m (finally) all grown up and just more excited about Loren’s first Christmas? Or maybe 30 is the new 75? (KIDDING!)

Ehh…I’m going to go shake a gift for the hell of it!

Merry Christmas Eve! 🙂


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