>I can’t wait until Loren is old enough to truly enjoy the holiday season like I do.

To be honest, there’s nothing that I don’t like about it! I love to shop for everyone, I love to decorate and I especially love to wrap!

I can’t wait to have family traditions that we MUST do every year. We are having Christmas tree and snowman shaped pancakes for breakfast Christmas morning (even tho Loren will have milk with a side of milk) and we all have cheesy holiday themed pajamas!

I need to find a cute “cookies for santa” plate…when I was little we always left the Christmas Tree shaped Little Debbie cakes for Santa! We always got one gift on Christmas Eve (Mel always got her pajamas as hers…).

What are your favorite traditions? Do you have any fun suggestions that we could do with Loren?


2 thoughts on “>Traditions

  1. >Thats pretty much what we did in terms of the jammies. I vote YES for the plate. We used to put a carrot out for the reindeer when I was growing up.One of the traditions I think that has really stayed within my family enough that my brother and I fight over it is our form of our advent? calendar. Basically it has a tree on it, and velcro things to put up counting down to xmas eve. This is something that is still used today.

  2. >we did a veggie for the reindeer too!Mel wants an advent calender with little cubby like boxes b/c that's one of her favorite memories! (she used to get a little gift from the box every day! (WTH!)We just haven't found "THE ONE" yet!

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