>Dunk, Sprinkle, Pour

>I grew up Baptist and Melissa grew up Catholic so when the discussion of baptizing Loren arose we had a lot of ground to cover. For starters we needed to decide if we wanted to (Baptists “dedicate” and kids choose to be baptized when they are ready…Catholics Baptize and then confirm), we needed to find a church that followed our beliefs (I realize that sounds backwards) and one that accepted us as a family. When you narrow it down that much your options are quite limited.

To clarify, my statement about following our beliefs – there are ALOT of churches out there that are TOOOOOTALLLY ok with the gays, their marriage, and them having kids….some of them are just CRAZY! (I call them “sunshine and hugs”….which is not what we were looking for)…we were trying to avoid CRAZY. All we knew for certain is we definitely weren’t baptist, catholic or CRAZY!

So after many visits to several churches we’ve found one and luckily for us it’s way closer than we thought it would be! ( I honestly feared we were going to have to drive to LA for church…oiy).

So, Loren will be baptized next month!


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