>Intrigued by Momma’s face!

>I wish I had a picture to show you of Loren’s latest development. I believe you would get a good laugh.

Not only has Loren recently realized (much to Bostons dismay) that we have a dog! She has also realized that her moms have faces! So, we’ve gone from “cuddly cute snuggle time” to “ohhhh let me grab your nose, chin, cheek or any any other facial protrusion you have!”…It pretty funny (unless her nails need to be trimmed!).

On an unrelated note….

Conversations from marriage:

Mel: Have you noticed how many people don’t sign their Christmas cards?
Dar: You mean photo cards?
Mel: Yea…you should always sign your Christmas cards.
Dar: Ummm I didn’t sign ours…
Mel: You didnt?
Dar: Nope…our names are printed on them!
Mel: You should sign them…
Dar: Hmmm…maybe I’ll let you do them next year….
Mel: Umm…


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