>Day One: Crib Transition


The Scene:The normal bath, boob, bed routine is in progress….

7:00 pm – bath time followed by food time
8:00pm – put sleeping Loren in crib.
8:01 pm – Loren wakes up
8:15 pm – Melissa decides she can’t be soothed back to sleep. So I rock her.
8:20pm – Loren is passed out in my arms
9:00pm – Melissa puts Loren in her crib. (and goes to sleep in her room on the air mattress)
9:40 pm – Loren wakes up. Melissa tries to soothe her, rock her, feed her…
10:40pm – Melissa (in tears) brings Loren (who is whimpers/sobbing/crying in her sleep) to me and declares a new plan is needed.

So, I pulled out the bassinet and it seems to work until 12:40am even after being rocked every time Melissa lays Loren in her bassinet she wakes up. So I rocked her, laid her down and SHE WAKES UP!

She finally went back to sleep IN THE BASSINET but ONLY if Melissa’s arm was in the bassinet with her.

She also rose for the day at 5:20…this is one tired momma…

Let’s hope tonight is a little easier…PLEASE


3 thoughts on “>Day One: Crib Transition

  1. >Yeah I'm not a big fan of the Ferber Method…It's heart breaking to hear her sobbing because she's unhappy. Not to say we will never get to that point, but in Loren's defense the crib and her room are all new and she may just be scared. We will try and ease her in and if that fails we will review our next option…Night one remains a disaster and leaves me feeling hungover!

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