>Chrstmas Cuteness

>I love the holidays. I love to decorate, dress up and find the cutest outfits for Loren.

My problem is…there’s just way too much cute stuff out there.

Today I stumbled upon a super cute outfit from MudPie (http://www.mud-pie.com/p-8420-ruffle-tree-tunic-and-leggings-set.aspx) and had to remind myself that Loren already has 2 Christmas dresses, an adorable romper (also from Mud Pie) with her initial on it (she’s wearing it in our Christmas cards pic) , 2 sets of Christmas pajamas, a I heart santa casual outfit AND a “what happens at grandmas stays at grandmas” casual Christmas outfit!!!

I have a feeling Loren is going to be so spoiled. Mel and I decided to really only do a stocking for her this year because she’s too young to really get into Christmas morning and opening presents. So, what did we do? We bought her the biggest stocking we could find! If I put it on my it would literally come all the way up to my hip…no exaggeration!

Mel was sick all last week and as expected I’m feeling under the weather this week…even in my nyquil /stuffy head, haze this morning I still enjoyed listening to her wake up and shriek and giggle in the dark. Granted, there was none of the typical dancing, singing, or silliness on my part this morning but that little giggle may have been enough for both of us! 🙂


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